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ALL MEMBERS OF THE HORSE family,which includes zebras and asses, Read More »



GRAVITY Without Gravity, we would fly off the spinning Earth Read More »

Rainforest and mountain

Rainforest & Mountain

Rainforests dominate western Central Africa. The warm, wet environment is Read More »

African desert wildlife

African Desert Wildlife

Desert wildlife : The African deserts include the Sahara, the Read More »

African Wetland Wildlife

African Wetland Wildlife

Wetland wildlife Africa’s wetlands are seething with wildlife, such as Read More »

African Wildlife

African Wildlife

AFRICAN WILDLIFE : NO OTHER CONTINENT matches the wealth of Read More »

Truck gyanguard


Trucks : Trucks are used for carrying cargo along roads. Read More »

car gyan guard


CARS: of all The different forms of transport, cars have Read More »


World War 1

WORLD WAR I FOR MORE THAN FOUR years the world Read More »


Bicycles & Motorcycles

BICYCLES Fun, and environmentally friendly, the bicycle is the simplest Read More »



DINOSAURS FOR 150 MILLION YEARS, from the Triassic Period until Read More »

Sheep and Goat

Sheep and Goat

With their thick Coats and the ability to tackle rough Read More »


Know About Bats

BATS WITH ALMOST 1,000 species, bats are the second largest Read More »

Milky way galaxy

Our Galaxies

A hundred billion galaxies exist in the universe. Each consists Read More »