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When a company wants to improve the sales of its products or services, it may decide to advertise. Newspapers and magazines carry advertisements, such as hoardings, television and radio. Marketing is the widespread process of creating a product or service, advertising it and selling it. Advertising and marketing are huge industries that affect all our lives.
Advertising-WorksHow advertising works : Advertisements using humor and strong, images to get your attention. Short, memorable slogans called catchphrases become associated with the product. An advertising campaign often combines posters and TV advertisements so that repetition makes people remember the product.
imageImage : Advertisers try to create an image that will appeal to particular customers. An ad perfume, for example, can project an image of beauty and sophistication. The celebrities could be seen supporting a product to strengthen its image.
public relationsPublic relations : Many companies public relations, or PR. To improve their stand with the people who buy their products. There are two main branches of research and communication of PR research it to find out that people have about the company and its products is think. Companies to communicate with people through press coverage, advertising and sponsorship.
Marketing : Market research company’s marketing strategy, product development, promotion, advertising and point of sale. Marketing departments meet those who want to research on those products, and to ensure the works with other departments that product the customer’s needs and expectations. marketing

Market research : Market aim of the research is likely to be the kind of people to buy a product is to find out, and what they will buy a product instead of one. Researchers this information interview, get the questionnaire and public figures.

point of salePoint of sale : Shops are to encourage people to buy the product using posters and display units. Point of sale display customer’s eyes trying to catch up to where he could buy the product immediately. When you shop window display to attract customers into the store.

Advertising agencies : Companies are we advertising agencies to advise on their advertising strategy. Advertising agencies, market research, show the range of media which the customer’s advertising plan and end up customer advertising.

Storyboards : Television ads make the font name client to present a storyboard views, which have shown that look like the final ad. A storyboard looks like a comic strip, production how could so with a series of pictures, it indicates that if the client storyboard approved.
ProductionProduction : Advertising agency Advertising works a production team for the film. This will cause a producer who oversees the rehearsal schedule, and instructs a director filming a commercial. After the shooting of a film, is added to a sound track. The sound track is a sound product name and a catchy tune called a song that repeat.
Advertisement : Advertisement Once completed, it is shown to the client. If approval is given by the client movie, then it moved to television stations for broadcast. Television advertising is the most expensive advertising so far, but it is most effective because it reaches people in their homes.

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