African Desert Wildlife

Desert wildlife : The African deserts include the Sahara, the world’s largest desert, and the deserts of the Horn of Africa, Kalahari, and Namib. Though the deserts seem barren, they are home to many animals such as bustards, sandgrouse, and the scimitar-horned oryx.
addax African Desert wildlifeAddax : The addax lives in the driest and hottest parts of the Sahara – conditions few other animals could tolerate. It rarely drinks as it obtains all its liquid from the succulent plants and tubers on which it feeds.
sand skink gyanguardSand skink : The sand skink spends most of its life underground in its burrow. It uses its flattened tail to propel itself through the sand. It preys on small mammals such as mice, as well as birds’ eggs. If attacked, the sand skink can shed its tail, confusing its attacker and enabling it to get away.
sand grouse gyanguardSandgrouse : Despite living in the open desert, sandgrouse must drink regularly. This often means flying long distances. Sandgrouse obtain water for their young by immersing themselves in water and carrying droplets back to their nests in their feathers.
fennec fox Desert wildlifeFennec fox : The fennec lives in small colonies among sand dunes, into which it burrows to avoid the heat. It burrows so quickly, it disappears from sight in seconds.

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