African Wetland Wildlife

Wetland wildlife Africa’s wetlands are seething with wildlife, such as crocodiles, hippos, floodplain species such as lechwes, and fish, including the Nile perch and tiger fish. The wetlands also provide stopping places for migratory birds flying south to winter in Africa.

hippopotamus gyanguardHippopotamus : Hippos spend most of the day submerged in water, with only their ears, eyes, and nostrils above the surface. They become active at dusk when they emerge from the water to graze on nearby grassland.
papyrus plant gyanguardPapyrus : The most common plant in African swamps is papyrus. It grows in clumps, often dense enough to support the weight of large animals.
cichild fish gyanguardCichlid fish : Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika contain 265 different species of cichlid (mouth brooding fish); all but five are unique to Africa. Great depth, isolation, and few predators have resulted in this proliferation
lesser flamingoLesser flamingo : Three million flamingos gather at Lake Nakuru, in Kenya, forming an amazing spectacle. They feed on the plentiful algae that flourish in the salty water, sunlight, and high temperature in and around the lake.

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