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IN MANY AREAS of the world, people rely on dams Read More »


Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a British general and the Roman ruler Read More »

babylonian empire

Babylonian Empire

4,000 years ago near EUPHRATES RIVER, became an ancient settlement Read More »

acids and alkalis

Acids and Alkalis

Lemon juice and vinegar have a sour taste as they Read More »


Advertising and Marketing

When a company wants to improve the sales of its Read More »

Aboriginal Australians

Aboriginal Australians

THE ABORIGINES settled the Australian continent more than 40,000 years Read More »

Thomas Edison

Thomas Alva Edison

One of the greatest inventors of all time, Thomas Alva Read More »

Human Evolutions

Human Evolution

Much Debate has surrounded the evolution of humans. However, most Read More »



The Eerie Cracking laugh of the spotted hyena is one Read More »



ALL MEMBERS OF THE HORSE family,which includes zebras and asses, Read More »



GRAVITY Without Gravity, we would fly off the spinning Earth Read More »

Rainforest and mountain

Rainforest & Mountain

Rainforests dominate western Central Africa. The warm, wet environment is Read More »

African desert wildlife

African Desert Wildlife

Desert wildlife : The African deserts include the Sahara, the Read More »

African Wetland Wildlife

African Wetland Wildlife

Wetland wildlife Africa’s wetlands are seething with wildlife, such as Read More »

African Wildlife

African Wildlife

AFRICAN WILDLIFE : NO OTHER CONTINENT matches the wealth of Read More »

Truck gyanguard


Trucks : Trucks are used for carrying cargo along roads. Read More »