CARS: of all The different forms of transport, cars have the biggest effect on our lives. Cars give people the freedom to go where they like, when they like with some types of car you don’t even need a road.Trucks are used for long-distance haulage and for performing many specialized tasks, such as fire-fighting. In parts of the world where there are no railways, trucks offer the only way of transporting goods. But cars and trucks create pollution.Because there are now so many of them on the roads, the world’s cities have become clogged with traffic, and the air that many of us breathe is poisoned with traffic

A benz motor wagan of 1886Early cars : Early cars were called “horseless carriages”.They were made by manufacturers of horse-drawn carriages and coaches, and had the same large wheels, high driver’s seat, and suspension. They were powered by a single-cylinder petrol engine, which could reach a top speed of 15 kmh (9 mph).

Modern cars: Efficiency, safety, and comfort are the most important features of a modern car, as well as minimal air pollution from exhaust fumes. To be efficient, cars need engines that use as little fuel as possible, and a streamlined shape to reduce air resistance. In some cars electronics help efficiency and safety. Modern cars are built with the help of computers and robots in high-tech, automated car plants.

Car and parts

Types of cars : The most popular car is the saloon, which has an enclosed passenger compartment and a separate rear space for luggage. Hatchbacks are saloons with a large rear door and a folding back seat for extra luggage space.

sports car gyanguardSports cars : Sports cars are designed to be stylish, fast, and fun. Some sports cars are convertibles, which have a flexible roof that can be folded down so that passengers can enjoy driving in the open air. Luxury convertibles have roofs that open and close automatically.
People carrier car gyangurdPeople carrier : One of the latest types of car is the people carrier or multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). This vehicle is a cross between a saloon car and a minibus. People carriers are very versatile, with at least six seats and plenty of space for luggage. They are perfect for outings or holidays.
Racing car gyanguardRacing car : Some cars are purpose-built for racing. They have a very powerful engine, wide tyres, and a low, wide body for stability around fax corners. An aerodynamic wing on the back helps keep the car on the road at high speeds. Saloons can be converted into racing or rallying cars.

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