Rainforest & Mountain

Rainforests dominate western Central Africa. The warm, wet environment is home to many animals. Herbivores such as gorillas feed on leaves. Fruit that falls from the canopy provides food for pigs and porcupines, while animals such as tree pangolins forage in the trees.

small spotted genetSmall spotted genet : This cat-like animal spends the day asleep in the branches of a tree, becoming active at night. An agile climber, it stalks its prey – birds, small mammals, and insects – like a cat, before seizing it with a sudden pounce.
yellow backed duikerYellow-backed duiker : Standing I m (3.3 ft) at the shoulder, the yellow-backed duiker is the largest of the forest duikers. In West Africa it lives in the densest parts of the rain forest; in East Africa i lives in bamboo forests.
gorillaMountain gorilla : The mountain gorilla is confined to a small area of rainforest, at a point where the boundaries of Uganda, Zaire, and Rwanda meer. It is a massively built animal, but is not normally aggressive. The females build nests where they sleep with their young.
Redcolobus monkeyRed colobus monkey : The red colobus is one of five species of specialized leaf-eating primates spread across Africa. It lives in the forest canopy in family groups of about 20 animals, rarely descending to the ground
GeledaGelada : The gelada is the sole survivor of a group of ground-dwelling primates now found only in Ethiopia. It lives in open country at high altitude, close to cliffs and rock faces, where it retreats if alarmed. It eats seeds, roots, grass, and fruit.
MountainsMountain wildlife : The mountains of Ruwenzori, Kenya, and Kilimanjaro have distinctive plants and animals. Rodents inhabit moorland, while the scarlet-tufted malachite sunbird lives in close association with giant lobelias.
Rock hyraxRock hyrax :Rock hyraxes live in colonies of 50 or more among rocky outcrops. They remain alert for signs of danger, such as eagles and leopards.
Hawk eagleCrowned hawk eagle : One of the largest eagles, the crowned hawk eagle is widely distributed throughout the mountainous regions of East Africa and Zaire, wherever there are suitable forests containing the monkeys that are its chief food.
Giant plantsGiant plants : Africa’s mountain plants include some of the most extraordinary vegetation in the world. Plants small elsewhere have grown into giants, including the giant lobelia, tree health, and giant groundsel, which reaches 9 m (30 ft) in height.

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