Trucks : Trucks are used for carrying cargo along roads. Their journeys can range from a few kilometres on local deliveries to thousands of kilometres across continents. The first trucks were built in the 1890s, and were driven by steam engines. Since then, trucks have grown ever larger. In Australia, trucks called road trains tow hundreds of tonnes of cargo across long distances in several full sized trailers. Some trucks are “rigid”, that is, built in one piece. Articulated lorries are built in two sections: a tractor unit and a semi-trailer, which is designed to carry specialized loads. Great skill is required to drive an articulated lorry.

Truck gyanguardModern trucks : At the heart of most modern trucks is a powerful diesel engine, using diesel oil, a type of petroleum. Some diesel engines are turbocharged for Extra power. The engine powers the truck and operates any hydraulic parts, such as the lifting arms of a dumper. Some trucks, such as military vehicles, have chunky tyres and strong suspension, to enable them to travel off-road in rough terrain.

Inside a truck cab : Long-distance truck drivers spend many hours in the cab of their trucks. Cabs are designed for comfort, and some of the controls, such as the steering and brakes, are power-assisted to make them easy to use. Many cabs have a small rear room, with a bunk, washing facilities, and television. To help prevent accidents, some countries have introduced tachometers to record how many hours the truck is on the road. It is illegal for the driver to go beyond a certain number of hours. Heating controls : (temperature selector and fan speed selector) keep cab at a comfortable temperature in hot or cold weather. Cassette, radio, and CB (citizens’ band) / radio provide entertainment on the road. Drivers may use CB to warn each other of traffic jams.

Inside a truck cab gyanguard

Types of truck : Most trucks start life as a standard chassis and cab. Car manufacturers can then add the body, which determines the function of the truck. Common specialized trucks include rubbish trucks, flat trailers to transport large items, such as cars, tankers, fire engines, and vehicles modified to carry animals, such as horse boxes.

rubbish truck gyanguardRubbish truck : This truck has a closed container for rubbish and a rubbish-bin lift that empties a bin into the body through a protective shield
Car transport truck gyanguardCar transporter truck : A car transporter is used to convey cars to showrooms. There are ramps at the back which fold down at the rear so that the car can be driven on and off. The trailer of a car transporter can carry up to 18 vehicles
Horse box truck gyanguardHorse box truck :This truck carries horses to shows. The horse enters the truck via a door at the rear, which folds down to make a loading ramp.

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